Week 8 SUSTAIN Spring 2015

Thermal Physics

Day 1: Monday: Finish Fluids (Chapter 12, Bernoulli’s Equation)
Before Class: Read all of chapter 12: Really, you’re only responsible for 12.1 – 12.3, but take a look at viscosity and turbulence to see how universally important it is and if you find it interesting.

Objective: Make sure you understand how Bernoulli’s Equation is really just W = F*dx = Change in Energy!

Can you solve the first three questions on Problem Set #6? Please try!

In Class: Examples of Bernoulli’s Equation, and MT#2 discussion

Day 2: Tuesday 180-262:
Before Tuesday’s Class: Know 13.0 – 13.3. this should be review for you. Do some associated problems on Lon Capa. Study Midterm #2 Corrections.

In Class:

Day 3: Wednesday: 180-269
Before lab: Read and learn chapter 13.4 – Kinetic Gas Theory. This stuff is likely new, and it is very important (= “it will be tested heavily on the final). Know and understand how we get the Equipartition Theorem (13.55 and 13.56).

The lab has been loaded onto the main website.

I’ve updated LON CAPA to include thermal problems.

I’ve posted some answers for MT2 on the main website. This lab is a good opportunity for you to correct any past misunderstandings.

Day 4: Thursday Meet in 180-262,
Before Class: Read/Review 13.5 and 13.6