Week 9 SUSTAIN Spring 2015

Thermal Physics

Day 1: Monday:
Having a safe, enjoyable weekend

Day 2: Tuesday 180-262: Temperature, Heat and Heat Transfer

Before Class: Review all of chapter 14. I’m presuming that this is all review from high school physical science class. Please come to class ready to ask about anything that is new/confusing/interesting. Check particularly, example 14.5 and 14.9.

Please see video on heat transfer. I accidentally assigned this on Educanon last month, so you might have seen it. It may be a good idea to see it again as it covers every aspect of this chapter pretty welll… at least in my opinion. Please see it and let me know if I am correct.

See these videos about climate change and come into class ready to discuss and debate.
Radiative Forcing

Objective: Identify, distinguish and implement the three different heat transfer mechanisms.

In Class: Work examples

Day 3: Wednesday: 180-269
Before lab: see these videos about climate change and how society responds.
Effects of Warming
Veritassium on Climate Change
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Jon Stewart on Climate Change Denial

Day 4: Thursday Meet in 180-262, Heat Transfer and Climate Change
Before Class: Read 15.1 and 15.2. You will notice that conceptually, we have done most of 15.1. 15.2 has very important processes in it, so please read it. Problem set #7 posted

Objective:Learn the gas processes!

Can you: Identify and distinguish the 4 gas processes?
There is additional technical challenges you should learn for future classes. I chose Hyperphysics, but you can find them explained elsewhere:
Calculate work done by or on a gas in an:
isobaric process = P*dV, or 15.13 in your text,
isothermal process
adiabatic process (only 132 students): Develop the Adiabatic Condition, Derive Work in the Adiabatic Process

In Class:Big Exam – Prepare for it here: Gas Processes Worksheet, come with questions and we’ll see how much we can learn together.